International tribal belly dance festival

"Neverending Story"

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The Festival is on - online!

​The global lockdown  had the most destructive effect on many dance studios, and gave no chances to our festivals - loud, happy, full of love and joy gatherings of dance families. But even the world in lockdown won't stop us from dancing, and we'll do so online! Loudly, happily, with lots of love and joy!


This year we will dance online with legendary teachers who defined our dance style and made it what it is today, with dancers of the styles that became the foundation of the modern day belly dance formats and styles, and it's only thanks to online connections that we have the chance to learn from them!

The legend of dance, Aisha Ali, a great connoisseur and researcher of Oriental dance who in fact created the entire stage for developing the modern styles, a master of folk styles of Middle East and North Africa, an outstanding dance historian.

The woman at the source of ATS/FCBD style, Kathy Stahlman, a dancer in the original FCBD gang, who profoundly knows the vocabulary of the style and its development throughout the years.

Fantastic dancer Zhenya Akimova, she has dozens of years of training, performing, and teaching Central Asian dance styles, a very attentive and experienced teacher with most outstandingly deep and detailed knowledge of the culture and the dance.


Our beloved Raquy, a musician and a composer, the author of so many tracks we love to dance to, and a great master of Middle Eastern rhythms - as well as a fantastically efficient teacher.


Elegant and charming Devi Mamak, a professional dancer and musician, a pianist and a composer - she is the musicality in motion herself, and the epitome of elegance in tribal fusion belly dance.

This year we are revisiting our roots, the origins of our dance style.